SUSBOT scans addresses on BSC and ETH to display buy & sell taxes, gas used, market cap, liquidity, and whether the token is hp.
It is the only bot on the market that detects hidden tax and max sell. It is also way faster than all available scanners.
The bot will incentives people to join SUS Calls. 20% of promo revenue from the channel is used to either buyback/burn $SUS or airdrop BUSD rewards.

BUSD Rewards

Twenty percent of all promos from the SUS ecosystem are distributed in the form of BUSD rewards to all the holders according to their % of $SUS holdings. Holders can check their rewards and value of their holdings using the SUSRewardBot. They can do so using the following steps:
  • Press start on the SUSRewardBot
  • Type /link <wallet address>
  • Type /rewards
Holders can link up to 5 wallet addresses. If they wish to unlink their addresses they can just use the /unlink <wallet address> command.

SUS Launchpad

Projects can decide to be incubated by our SUS Launchpad. It's SUS because the floor is held super strong by the holders of $SUS who have been holding for months. In times where tokens can barely last for few seconds, the SUS launchpad guarantees a strong floor.


$SUS holders, who have more than 0.3% of the supply and have been holding for 2 weeks at least, are invited to join the SUS ALPHAS Club to connect with fellow whales and gain access to good projects early. Only SUS ALPHAS club members are allowed access to the SUS Launchpad.